What is Hypnotherapy?

The hypnotic state is actually a soothing brain wave pattern known as the Theta brainwave state (anywhere from 4-8 Hz). You experience this state multiple times each day, in fact. Because this state is so familiar and is a precursor to sleep, it is easy and restful for your body and mind to be guided here. 

Hypnotherapy is a process that utilizes this hypnotic state to access the right hemisphere of your brain where the unconscious mind is activated. 

Through specific Hypnotherapeutic techniques, lingering unresolved circumstances are discovered. that cause fears, anxiety & stressful habits. Health, relationships, vitality and abundance thrive as a result. Crystal clear awareness and emotional release are the beautiful, lingering after-effects.

This clearing process helps to reduce anxiety, alleviate pain, heal unresolved sexual & emotional trauma, assist labor, and awaken intuition.

Kristen's expert guidance assists you in accessing, discovering and eradicating the unconscious programs and beliefs that are hidden deeply within you, while also giving you the tools you need to support others.

Fun Fact:

Babies experience life  at Delta 1-3 Hz, (the deep level of dreams and visions) until they are toddlers, when a growing brain and the accompanying sense of personal identity is born.

Course curriculum

    1. Hypnosis Clinical Uses & Definition

    2. Mesmerism & Hypnosis

    3. The Brainwave States of Consciousness

    4. (VIDEO) Understanding Brainwaves & States of Consciousness

    5. Brainwaves Chart

    6. Hypnotes Quiz

    7. Hypnosis is Not Sleep

    8. Hypnosis - Ancient Times & Modern Practice

    1. (VIDEO) Induction into the Hemispheres to Access Deep Seated Beliefs

    2. The Handshake Method of Induction

    3. (VIDEO) Creating Successful Induction

    4. 3 Things Needed for Successful Hypnosis

    5. Glove Anesthesia and Arm Catalepsy

    6. The Science Says....

    7. (VIDEO) Brainwave States, Glove Anesthesia & Willingness to Play

    8. (VIDEO) Play Along for Yourself

    9. (VIDEO) Eye Gaze Induction with Arm Catalepsy

    10. {VIDEO} Milton Erickson Demonstration

    11. (VIDEO) Rapid Induction Demonstration

    12. The Handshake Technique Procedure

    1. All Hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis

    2. The Feeling of the Hypnotic Trance

    3. Induction Techniques - Dave Elman

    4. (VIDEO) Getting Others to Say "Yes!"

    5. (VIDEO) Acceptance of Suggestions

    1. Imagination is the most powerful creative force in the universe.

    2. What can be Achieved with Self-Hypnosis?

    3. Using Guided Imagery for Yourself & Others

    4. Yoga Nidra: Practice

    5. Alternate Timeline Therapy

    6. Past Life : Alternate Timelines

    7. What to Expect from the Alternate Timeline Journey

    8. (VIDEO) Understanding the Layer of the Problem

    9. (VIDEO) Self-Hypnosis & How Hypnosis Helps with Phobias

    10. Using Alternate Timeline Techniques to eradicate a phobia or deep fear

    11. (VIDEO) Shift Fear & Anxiety Through Presence

    12. (VIDEO) How to Distract the Mind From Pain

    13. Kristen Eykel’s Hypnosis for Labor

    14. Hypnosis for Labor & the Alternate Timeline

    15. How to lead great meditations at the end of your yoga class

About this course

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Hypnosis 101

Understanding Hypnosis - Everyday Solutions

Kristen Eykel MHt.

Master Hypnotherapist

Spiritual Teacher & Author, Kristen Eykel MHt. elevates almost 30 years of experience as Shaman, Hypnotherapist, Holy Fire lll Usui / Karuna Reiki Master Teacher & Kundalini Yogi into a spiritual discipline of practical empowerment. Founder of Sacred Circle Teachings and author of, “Yoga for Transformation – Beyond Asana into Awareness” Kristen is dedicating to training the Teachers of tomorrow through the wisdom of all time.

Social proof: testimonials

“ "I have to share with you - I held a group this morning using many of the techniques you taught in the meditation, and ALL of the clients LOVED it! They told me it was one of the best meditations they had ever done and I even noticed many of them begin to eye-flutter midway through. Thank you so so much!!””

- Madelyn

“"I am truly grateful and in awe of your knowledge and how you facilitate and educate."”


“Working with Kristen has helped me to totally transform my perspective on life and elevate my consciousness to new levels.”

Susy S.

“This journey is endless - in time and all directions. You are already enriching my life in so many ways...... All this leaves me feeling safe, with a deep sense of well being, knowing this is a genuine & deep experience you have made possible. Thank you!”

- Batia

“"Your intense devotion to your students is powerfully supportive and I appreciate all the moments I spent learning from and with you. You create a rare space for your students to bare their hearts in order to sort themselves out and find their own power again."”

- Lauren L.