Course curriculum

    1. Yoga for Labor - Why it matters.

    2. Introduction

    1. General Pregnancy Class outline

    2. Research says....

    1. Understanding Labor & Presentation of Baby for Birth

    2. Delivery on All Fours - Why it Matters

    3. Support the Pelvic Floor - Why it Matters

    4. Squats - How to get into it + VIDEO

    5. Child's Pose - How to get into it + VIDEO

    6. Cat/ Cow - How to get into it

    7. Standing Hip Circles - How to get into it

    8. Preparation for Labor Series - How to get into it

    9. Your Labor- Your Way

    1. Pregnancy Yoga Decreases Lumbar & Pelvic Pain

    2. Neck Rolls- How to get into it

    3. Shoulder Shrugs- How to get into it

    4. Seated Rocking Pelvis - How to get into it

    5. VIDEO: Seated Rocking Pelvis

    6. Seated Pelvic Circles - How to get into it

    7. Spinal Flex - How to get into it

    8. Rocking Butterfly - How to get into it

    9. Butterfly Legs - How to get into it.

    10. Folded Cobbler's Pose - How to get into it

    11. Extended Leg Series - How to get into it

    12. VIDEO: Hip Strength & Opening for Labor

    13. Standing Pigeon - How to get into it

    14. VIDEO: Pigeon Pose & Standing Modification

    15. Stacking Firewood Pose - How to get into it

    16. Cow-Faced Arms Variations - How to get into it

    17. Shoulder Stretch in Shoelace Pose - How to get into it

    1. The Strength Series

    2. Elevated Cobbler's Pose - How to get into it

    3. Sexy Cats - How to get into it + VIDEO

    4. Extended Side Rotation - How to get into it

    5. Alternate Arm & Leg Balance - How to get into it

    6. VIDEO: Alternate Arm & Leg Balance into Child's Pose

    7. Cat/ Cow with Leg Extensions - How to get into it

    8. Down Dog - How to get into it

    9. Standing Chest Press - How to get into it

    10. Supported Tree - How to get into it

    11. Standing Cat/ Cow -How to get into it

    12. Side Stretch in Semi-Squat - How to get into it

    13. Heart Openers - How to get into it

    14. Reverse Plank - How to get into it

    15. Camel Pose - How to get into it

    16. VIDEO: Reverse Plank & Camel Pose + Deep Hip Stretch & Strengthen

    17. Table Pose - How to get into it

    18. Full Leg Stretch Series - How to get into it

    1. Morning Stretch Series

    2. Morning Sacrum Stretch - How to get into it

    3. Standing Forward Fold - How to get into it

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Social proof: testimonials

“Kristen was my prenatal yoga teacher throughout my pregnancy. Her style of pregnancy yoga is so much more than modified asana. It's preparation for labor and motherhood. Mental, physical and emotional preparation. It was because of her class that I was able to have the perfect home birth that I always wanted. When Kristen announced that she would offer a teacher training course, I jumped at the chance! I'm proud to say that I'm now a certified prenatal yoga teacher. I'm beyond thrilled to empower other women the way that she empowered me. Kristen is a wealth of knowledge in the areas of pregnancy, Kundalini, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, relationships, and much, much more. Long story short, you want this woman in your life. She will blow your mind wide open and you will love her for it! ”

Becky D.

“I met Kristen through her yoga classes and immediately knew she was an exceptional human being. So when I saw she was offering Reiki training I jumped at the opportunity to train with her. 3 Reiki trainings, 2 yoga teacher trainings (200RYT and RPYT), reiki/hypnosis sessions, and 1 year later, and I can confidently say that Kristen's trainings have transformed me - her trainings invited me to find deeper meaning in my life, allowing me to become a better and more fulfilled human being in every possible way. I could not recommend Kristen enough. Her teachings are incredibly informative, empowering, and authentic. She has a way about her that no other teacher/mentor can match - she is a true inspiration. We are blessed to have Kristen in our world!”

Samantha R.

“Kristen you are amazing!!! I took prenatal yoga with you , it was so great experience! ! I had natural delivery no apidoral and i did the movement you showed us in class ,it helped a lot to relife the contracts pain. You make me love the yoga!! And truly connect with my body and believe in myself!!! Thank you so much!!”

Orela V.

“ I was on edge during my 2nd to 3rd trimester knowing what to expect and Kristen continuously provided me the comfort I needed to get through. Meditation is a difficult task but with her, I learned how to do just that even for a short time. I listened to her voice on repeat ( literally, from my phone) during my delivery and she got me through it by reminding me to trust the nature of my body. 15 hours later after induction, the calmest newborn came out like he just woke up from a nap (lol). I truly believe my relaxed body and meditated mind helped me a great deal to deliver such a calm beautiful being. Thank you again Kristen for listening and tending to my needs. ”

Rose A.

“The BEST PRENATAL YOGA class ever. Kristen is AMAZING. This class is not only a prenatal yoga class, but also a preparation for birth class. I started going to class at 13 weeks pregnant just to 'get more flexible' but got so much more out of the class. I went at least once a week up until 39 weeks pregnant. I had my baby two weeks ago and my labor and delivery was only 3 hours and I am a first time mom. I truly believe that going to this class, as well as doing my 'homework' and yoga poses at home influenced my pregnancy and recovery in the most positive way. (P.S. I had never done yoga prior to this class, so it is for all levels. I still can't touch my toes completely, but I am much better!). Thank you KRISTEN!”

Tennis Q.

“I have had the honor of working with Kristen for the last few months as a part of my 200hr yoga teacher training and 85hr prenatal yoga teacher training. I can honestly say that she has completely transformed my approach to my practice, both as a student and a teacher. Kristen's passion and knowledge is a true gift, I absolutely encourage and recommend her to anyone who is looking to empower themselves and their communities with the love, knowledge, and kindness that Kristen brings as a teacher.”

Casey T.